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Route Mallorca | Route Mallorca

We would like to share with you how our story began. We are a family formed by dad, mom, and their two sons. Our great passion for cars and new adventures led us to establish this family business. Our purpose is for everyone who visits our beautiful island to enjoy what Mallorca has to offer. From its beaches with crystal-clear waters and picturesque towns full of history to the winding roads of the Sierra de Tramuntana. All in a unique and unforgettable journey at the wheel of an elegant limited edition convertible supercar.

At Route Mallorca, we believe that traveling should be fun, exciting, and enriching, so we work with passion to achieve our clients' satisfaction and provide them with memorable experiences.

¡We invite you to get to know us!

Route Mallorca | Route Mallorca

I am Georgina "The Mami". A lover of nature, walking, and above all, traveling. I am the person responsible for planning and organizing the team's work, taking care of every detail so that you can fully enjoy each adventure.

See you at Route Mallorca!

Route Mallorca | Route Mallorca

I am Edu “Blue Eyes”, the eldest son of this family. Passionate about cars, motorcycles, and the gym. My mission is to welcome you when you arrive at our office and answer any questions you have about the different routes we offer.

We are waiting for you!

Route Mallorca | Route Mallorca

I am Edwin “The Driver”, the youngest of the family. I love cars, going for a run, and playing soccer. Let me guide you on an exciting tour to the most fascinating places on the island.

See you on the road!

Route Mallorca | Route Mallorca

I am Félix “The Papi”. A fanatic of motors and driving. I am in charge of keeping the cars at 100% so that you can enjoy a pleasant, exciting, and safe excursion.

See you pushing the pedal to the metal!

At Route Mallorca, we are more than a company; we are a family. Friendship unites us, respect guides our way, and learning inspires us to grow together. Join us on this exciting journey!